Zadar – old town

Zadar – old town

Zadar is an excellent example of an extremely well-preserved old town core. Apart from small, picturesque streets that cross the main street of the Peninsula (Poluotok), Kalelarga, you can find numerous pre-Romanesque churches, museums, and remains of Roman buildings. After sightseeing, relax in one of the many Zadar coffee shops and talk to some of the locals if you’re in the mood. Zadar residents above all love small talk under the sun with a cup of coffee!


The Sea Organ is Zadar’s true architectural wonder. It was designed by the architect Nikola Basic, and it is special for turning the strength of the sea into music. It is found in Zadar’s old town, the Peninsula, on the very end of the sea walkway Riva. Take a seat and listen to the sound of the sea, breathe in fresh sea air, and enjoy one of the most beautiful sunsets in the world from the best location on the Peninsula for it!

Museum of Illusions

Museum of Illusions

The innovative concept of a museum of illusions can also be found in Zadar since recently! If you want an unusual museum experience, the Museum of Illusions found on the Zadar ramparts could thrill guests of all ages! Through fun and attractive tricks, you’ll learn a lot about perception, the human brain, and the science behind it. You will have a better understanding of why your eyes see things brain cannot understand, or so they claim on the website of a museum certainly worth visiting!

Source: Arhiva Muzeja iluzija

Duke's Palace

According to archeological findings, the area of Duke’s Palace has been settled since the Roman times. Since then, the palace has been renovated several times, and after Second World War it enriched the city of Zadar’s cultural center just like it does today, five years after its last renovation. It houses a concert hall named after one of Croatia’s greatest composers, Blagoje Bersa, and exhibition spaces where you can always find interesting exhibitions going on.

Source: Arhiva Kneževe palače

Duke's Palace
zadarska sfinga 2

Although somewhat dislocated, the Zadar Sphinx, a dash of Egypt in a Dalmatian city, is certainly worth seeing and, if possible, touch – it’s said to bring good luck in love! It was built by a famous Zadar artist and conservator Giovanni Smirich in honor of his late wife. The sphinx is in the Brodarica neighbourhood, in Villa Attilia’s somewhat neglected garden. There are plans to renovate this important monument to love and culture, which will, we believe, fit perfectly in a romantic city like Zadar!

Photography: Filip Brala

City of Nin

On just a fifteen-minute drive from Zadar is hidden the beautiful, royal city of Nin. This city has a lot to offer, although it’s much smaller than Zadar. The beautiful architecture of its city core, the museums, the statue of Gregory of Nin whose big toe you must touch (according to a legend, it brings good luck), the mesmerizing sandy beaches. The most famous of the latter being the Queen’s Beach offering a fantastic view of Mount Velebit. It’s named after the wife of Croatia’s king Tomislav who used to come there to relax from her stressful life at court. Apart from all this, Nin was proclaimed one of Europe’s most romantic destinations, and it is especially worth visiting during the summer when numerous romantic events are being held there!

City of Nin





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