Our story

Our story

The story about Villa Manda is a story about Drago and Manda, about leaving for Canada and wishing to return home. It is a story about love for a country and home, about Promina customs, kindness, and hospitality. Villa Manda was built as a house that exceeded their needs by Ivica’s parents, Drago and Manda, so it could serve others, offering the feeling and warmth that only home can.

We started renovating the house with the same zeal they had upon building it, with a mission to create a truly pleasant accommodation that offers the authentic Dalmatian feel, the one we’ve known since childhood. In Villa Manda, you can always find some good wine, prosciutto, pancetta, or a local delicacy – cheese aged in sheepskin.

Add to that some pleasant conversation with your hosts or other guests in Drago tavern or by the pool, and you’ll never be bored. When you want some company, we are always open for a little chat. When you need peace and time for yourself, you will find it in Villa Manda. We wanted to create a place where you can truly enjoy yourself with all your senses and above all, feel at home even if you are miles away.

Nikolina & Ivica

Our philosophy & values

Villa Manda’s creation was based on a sincere wish to allow others – during their travelling and holidaying – the same sense of home we would get each time we visited this house. To us, Villa Manda is, and we want it to be that for everyone visiting it… A central place for gatherings. Then, and now. A reflection of love toward one’s birthplace, a respect for tradition that accepts the comfort of modernity. That which remains, a reflection of a wish to build a legacy and leave a trace. Always a curious and open mind ready to explore new areas. Exceptional hospitality and a friendly hand just when you need it. The scent of prosciutto and cheese, of jerky and asparagus with a springtime breakfast. A pleasant and comfortable accommodation with an authentic Dalmatian feeling and the warmth of home. A second home.